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A Simple Guide to Love + Feelings

by: Sami Tripasuri and Sachi Agrawal


Aiming to help our community through fundraising, love + feelings is an organization that sells cards, jewelry, and more! Through handmade products, love + feelings hopes to bring back the simple things in life and spread heart-warming and thoughtful feelings. Find out more about the organization below!


Life has changed from the time of hand-crafted gifts to sending digital cards. The mission of love + feelings is to bring hand-made products to everyone in order to spread love and happiness. Through different products such as jewelry, greeting cards, and terrariums, we want to focus on the joy they spread throughout our customers. By helping bring positive feelings to our community, we want to broaden our vision to all!


Originally, love + feelings was created as a greeting card business by Anahita Vaidhya to create handcrafted cards for all. The love and happiness from customers that received the cards made love + feelings expand its product list to encompass a larger variety of heartfelt gifts. The passion for jewelry began from Rainbow Loom and Pura Vida bracelets from VSCO girl summer. This grew into creating a stunning selection of jewelry including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more! love + feelings grew into selling cards, jewelry, terrariums, and other forms of art!


Every year, we choose a different cause to support. In 2021, all profits made by love + feelings went towards struggling amputees in India. We were inspired to do so when Mukesh Sharma, a distant relative of the founder, was met with an unfortunate accident in which he lost his arm, and subsequently, his job. Despite his own struggles, Sharma helped others by running food camps and supporting families impacted by COVID-19. The impact of this motivated love + feelings to similarly help people by giving back to amputees like Sharma using the money made from sales. We were able to get him, his family, and community back on their feet by helping to restart his printing press as well as establish a new small business for sporting goods.

In 2022, our goal is to help combat climate change, starting from within our community. A great way to do this is by planting trees. Profits from love + feelings will go towards sponsoring tree planting projects throughout the year and help to bring volunteer opportunities for people within our community.


What primarily makes love + feelings unique is that we aim to spread and convey emotions through our small tokens of love. All products made by us are handmade and genuine, and we are giving to an impactful cause. In addition, love + feelings serves as a platform for local artists that are not in the organization to sell their work and keep all of the profits they make from it — this gives them a digital presence and a wider reach.

Interested in ordering from love + feelings? Check out our products here!

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