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   his story    

Mukesh Sharma is a 54 year old amputee, family man, living in Meerut, India. In 2013, he met with an unfortunate accident and was compelled to lose his arm, along with his dexterous job, which he was skilled at. He has a loving wife and two teenage children. Being the sole breadwinner of the house, having his job stripped away led to major consequences that can still be felt to this day. It is severely difficult for him to keep up the livelihood of his family. In the last year, the pandemic has only accentuated the impact on them, especially during the last few months of the second-wave of COVID in India.

Mukesh is also extremely compassionate about giving back to his community. He helps fellow amputees in his local area by providing them with food and clothes. He also helps run a Leprosy Care Camp that provides people affected with Leprosy with food, clothes, and shelter.

Mukesh is our distant relative. They need our help. Even the smallest contributions will result in major change for Mukesh, his family and his fellow amputees. 

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Dear helpful friends and donors,
     I wanted to give you all a quick update on Mukesh. Him and his family are incredibly thankful for all the support you all have provided in the last year. Because of your support Mukesh, has been able to get back on his feet and get his first order of printing invoices for a sugar mill in India. This is incredibly important for him to revive his means of earning. Your very hard earned money has gone to help another hard-working person and helps to support his family of two children and continue their studies and endeavor for a better life. You all are incredibly helpful and generous! We will continue to provide support and help him thrive with the help of your donations. We will provide another update in a couple of months but rest be assured that your money is in the right hands and in the right use of uplifting somebody in the time of need. Thank you thank you thank you very much!
    Next up, he is looking to start a small business of sporting goods, that we will be helping with. A long way to go, but proud of the progress!
Anahita Vaidhya

12/ 22/ 2021

Dear helpful friends and donors,
     With all your help, we have been able to start his small business of sporting goods! Thank you for all your support! Mukesh, his family, and his community appreciate it!
Anahita Vaidhya

02/ 02/ 2022
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